The Community

Ahimsa Eri silk Project is thriving in a region about 60-70 kms away from Guwahati city, strategically placed between the borders of Assam and Meghalaya leading to a diverse population of Rabha, Bodo, Garo, “Adivasi”, Khasi, Ahom and other Akhomiya speaking communities. Panning over 14 villages in four zones namely Jharobari, Mataikhar, Jhalukbari & Barihat of Kamrup district in Assam, the project directly benefits 266 households with sustained livelihood. The region is not only suitable for a healthy growth cycle of Eri Silkworms but is also home to a skilled artisan community that still follow the traditional methods of textile-making, especially that of hand-spinning Eri Silk yarn and weaving this hand-spun yarn on traditional loom.

To reach this region, one moves nestled between a continuous row of tea plantations, past the rural vistas of fishing nets of Assam, enroute a beautiful lake called Chandubi, often in close proximity with rich diversity of wildlife and birds.

This region indeed offers an eclectic mix of languages, skills, cuisines, festivals and religions inviting a dive into an experience of community life.