The inception of the project goes back to a conscientious discussion between the two founders about the existence of violence or injury in Eri silk production. This discussion in 2016 about the potential relevance of Ahimsa to Eri Silk led to an attempt to make this textile with intentional non-injury and call it Ahimsa Eri Silk.

The resolution to initiate this project came as a result of five years of dedicated research and experimentation aimed to produce a textile that carries the substantial beauty of a silk envisioned to complete the life cycle of the silkworms.

We make Ahimsa Eri Silk as an alternative to readily available general Eri silk. Here, the silk extraction process does not involve the killing of silkworms. Instead, they die a natural death leading to another cycle of life. This concept is ideal for people who have thus far, rejected silk because of the violence involved in the process of making silk.

Not only does the project bring to the centre an application-based discussion around the questions of violence, but also diversifies opportunities for the makers bringing livelihood to 266 households in rural Assam. We are fortunate that this project offers us a receptive setting. Where we can effectively engage in conversations related to the concept of injury involved in the making of silk and collaborate in bringing gentle changes to existing systems.

When a consumer makes the conscious decision to buy a metre of Ahimsa Eri Silk, they become an ally in the metamorphosis of 1250 cocoons to moths, the final stage in their life cycle. This is a tangible expression of the celebration of life, giving wings to our project logo.