The Vision

Through this project, we have immersed ourselves in a documented study where one can experience application of Ahimsa in both process and product. It is a practice to become aware of how to eliminate injury or harm caused to other life forms, intentionally or unintentionally.

In the long run, we visualise a potential shift of discussion from how many silkworms are killed in the making of silk to how many silkworms are saved by making Ahimsa Eri silk.

For this work in progress, we seek guidance and collaboration with:

  • Scholars in the fields of faith to help us understand the relationship of violence and intention. We also solicit visit to our project sites from these masters. To steer our project in the intended direction.

  • Textile designers who are aligned to the project’s intention. They can create a collaborative collection with our textile. A choice towards “Ahimsa Eri Silk x collaborator”

  • Experts in Textile engineering and R&D. They can help us scientifically testify the Ahimsa in Ahimsa Eri silk

  • Analysts in process flow. With their objectivity, they can point our eyes towards any injury in our process that we may not yet be trained to see.

Our product’s sustainability is directly linked to how clearly we can reflect Ahimsa in our process. The quality of the textile already gives us the confidence of a well-made product.

We wish to continue sustaining the livelihood of hundreds of households that are engaged with the project. It is our passion as well as our assurance to the community.

Our vision lies in a beneficial longevity of this project for all involved.